Winter Carnival is the fifth Sweet Valley High Super Edition.

The Junior and Senior classes at Sweet Valley High are all excited about the upcoming Winter Carnival, a weekend where they can ski, skate and have fun at a ski resort called Mont Blanc.

However, there is tension between the twin sisters. Jessica, moreso than ever, has been very inconsiderate towards her sister, Elizabeth. She skips her chores and borrows things from her without permission; not getting messages to Elizabeth and just breaking promises she makes to her across the board.

Elizabeth becomes more and more resentful about it. Then, Jessica ruins a meeting that Liz was supposed to have with Jeffrey and to her, that was the last straw. Elizabeth storms from the ski lodge and goes back to Sweet Valley.

On the phone, she lashes out at Jessica and screams that she wished she didn't have a sister. Then, she has a disturbing nightmare about Jessica actually dying. After a while, she woke up and the family talk out what happened Fortunately, Jessica and Elizabeth patch things up, and they all go back to Mont Blanc and have a wonderful time.