The Oracle was the fictional High School newspaper in the Sweet Valley High book series. It was well-run and mostly very informative. Elizabeth Wakefield was the most dedicated staff member and most of her circle of friends worked with her.

The editor in-chief was senior Penny Ayala, who saw this as a step to her dream of becoming an editor of an international newspaper, and it was because of that reason that she and Elizabeth were close friends. At first, Elizabeth had written the "Eyes and Ears" Gossip column, but would also do other stories and would later do a new column called "Personal Profiles".

Other staff members included Arts editor Olivia Davidson; John Pfeifer, who was sports editor until he pursued a vicious (and eventually fatal) vendetta against Lila Fowler; Abbie Richardson who was the staff cartoonist (she created and drew the comic strip, Jenny); and Elizabeth's former boyfriend, Jeffrey French who was one of several photographers along with Penny's younger sister, Tina Ayala and Allen Walters. The faculty advisor of The Oracle, is Roger Collins, an English Teacher.

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