Steven Wakefield is a character in the Sweet Valley series of books. 

Steven Wakefield
Gender male
Height 6'
Age 28 (at the time of Sweet Valley Confidential)
Starsign Capricorn
Job Attorney
Family Ned Wakefield (father);
Alice Robertson Wakefield (mother);
Elizabeth Wakefield (sister);
Jessica Wakefield (sister)
Spouse Cara Walker (2003-2011, divorced)
Portrayed by
TV Jeff Dunham (cameo role only)

Named after one of the best friends of his father, Steven is the oldest of the Wakefields three children.  He is often times mistaken for his father, as he is considered his spitting image.  As a teenager, he tended to tease his younger sisters, Elizabeth and Jessica, but personality wise, he was more like Elizabeth in how he sees the world. 

His love life, especially in the Sweet Valley High series, was chaotic.  His first girlfriend was Tricia Martin, a girl who was one of the least desirable girls (at least to Jessica) in town, due to her being in the poorer side of town, having a drunk for a father and sister, and just in general being not suitable.  Tricia eventually died of Leukemia (the same disease that had killed her mother).  His second girlfriend was Cara Walker, which caused her to become nicer, and gained her Elizabeth as a friend. 

After Cara moved to London with her mother, he met a girl named Billie Winkler, and they had a solid relationship for a while, through the twins' college years. 

In Sweet Valley Confidential, he was more featured, as during the end of Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley Confidential, he and Cara reconnected and were married.  Steven became a practicing attorney, following in his father's footsteps.  He was notoroiously unfaithful to Cara, however, and she thought he was embarking on many affairs with women, but it was later revealed that he was gay! 

He had an affair with Cara's former classmate, Aaron Dallas.  Jessica revealed it to Cara, who was furious with both of them.  Steven stormed over to the house that Jessica lived in with Elizabeth and Todd, and proceeded to denounce her for her unwarranted interference!  He then announced that she was no longer his sister. 

After a while, though, Cara forgave both Steven and Jessica for their duplicity, and Steven forgave and accepted Jessica back; Steven settled into a loving relationship with Aaron; and continued his law practice.

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