Prom Baby is a Sweet Valley High fan fiction. The main plot is a pregnancy pact at SVH involving nearly all the sophomore,junior, and senior classes. To spice things up,the class travels to Tranquillity Base the day before almost all its girl population is due,because the occasion of the birth will be the first ever Teen Pregnancy Prom. This,combined with an unanticipated lunar meteor shower,causes some panic.

Known Births Edit

Cara Walker- Eric Walker

Lynne Henry- Matthew Henry

April Dawson - Lynne Dawson, Guy Dawson

Claire Middleton- Todd Middleton,Elle Middleton

Ellen Riteman- Cory Riteman

Penny Ayala- Kevin Ayala

Caroline Pearce - Jessica Pearce, Gabrielle Pearce

Dee Dee Gordon-Lindsey Chase

Robin Wilson - Hope Wilson, Eric Wilson

Annie Whitman - Mark Whitman, Stephanie Whitman

Shelley Novak - Danielle Novak

Emily Mayer - Dylan Mayer

Jean West - George West

Sandra Bacon - Camilla Bacon

Andrea Slade - Janine Slade, Brian Slade, Allie Slade

Amy Sutton - Maria Ann Sutton

Susan Stewart - Joanna Stewart

Sally Larson - Nicole Larson, Jake Larson

Dana Larson - Alice Larson, Brian Larson

Maria Santelli- Cara Santelli, Bryce Santelli

Maria Slater - Alan Slater

Abbie Richardson - Connor Richardson

Olivia Davidson- Elrond Davidson,Galadriel Davidson

Enid Rollins- Zoey Rollins, Jake Rollins

Jessica Wakefield- Tyler Wakefield,Lila Wakefield

Denise Hadley- Claire Hadley

Lila Fowler- Cameron Fowler, Brianna Fowler

Patty Gilbert - Tricia Gilbert (counts since she was part of the class, but DOESN'T count because she had the baby on Earth, at the Joshua Fowler Memorial Hospital)