Mr. Cooper, (no first name revealed) is a character in the Sweet Valley High series.

Mr. Cooper
Status Alive
Gender Male
Job High School Principal
Series Sweet Valley High
Portrayed by


The somewhat stuffy (as he was described in SVH #1 Double Love) principal of Sweet Valley High, Mr. Cooper runs his school with firmness, but fairness as well. His secretary is named Rosemary, and has a fatherly relationship with Elizabeth Wakefield.

In the first Super Edition Perfect Summer (which isn't often considered part of the regular Sweet Valley continuity), he has a nephew from Ohio named Barry. While he has often praised Elizabeth, her sister, Jessica has been sent to his office for punishment, (notably during the Club X events in SVH #86 Jessica Against Bruce.

He is also known for his bald head, which has given him the affectionate nickname of "Chrome Dome".

Despite his stuffiness, he is well loved as a principal.